What to see in New Orleans

New Orleans is a place that you can't forget, with its big soul, it's magic and mystical vibes enters straight to your heart and gives you unforgettable and strong emotions! The town's life's blood is surely the legendary French Quarter full of delicious restaurant, beautiful typical pubs with live music and amazing streets artists. Jackson... Continue Reading →

Los Angeles Vibes

I've always dreamed about California, since I was a kid, and when finally I've reached Los Angels my heart was pounding out of my chest! My dream was finally coming true 😍 Warner Bros Studios I'm a big fan of "Friends" I've watched all the episodes thousands time, that's why I decided to visit the... Continue Reading →

Enchanting Sintra

Sintra is a lovely small town really close to Lisbon. The perfect way to reach Sintra is by train. You can catch the train at Rossio station and you will reach the Sintra station in about 40 minute. Quinta de Regaleira Is an estate situated in the center of Sintra and it's a World Heritage... Continue Reading →

What to see in Lisbon

Lisbon is a very beautiful city, it's amazing discover its beauty walking through its narrow streets or taking its famous tram. The most famous is surely Tram 28. It's always very crowded and there is always a long wait it's really necessary to have a lot of patience because it really deserves a ride through... Continue Reading →

Memphis at the sound of music

If you like music, Memphis is your place. Here is where it all began. Starting form the amazing Bale street full of bar with live music and delicious restaurant! The pulled pork sandwich and the ribs are absolutely great. The Sun Studio It's the legendary recording studio, opened in 1950, where Rock and Roll, Country... Continue Reading →

Ellis and Liberty Island

The visit of Ellis Island and Liberty Island is always emotional, the magic start while you reach the ferry boat in Battery Park. The view of the Skyline leaving Manhattan is stunning! First stop Ellis Island This Island was the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to USA and since 1990 hosted an amazing museum... Continue Reading →

Discovering Bordeaux

Bordeaux was a real surprise. It's a very lovely city with beautiful architecture, good wine and great food. Bordeaux surely deserves a visit and the best place to spend your vacation is Mama Shelter and amazing design hotel with a glamour and cool bar where you can taste delicious cocktails. The first place to visit... Continue Reading →

What to see in southern Ireland

Ireland on the road. Ireland is an amazing country, the colors of the nature are incredible! It was an amazing trip through stunning landscapes and lovely little city. Dublin, of course was the first leg, but I'll dedicate an article just for this awesome city. Let's start our trip with a stop in Glendalough (valley... Continue Reading →

Budapest food tips

During my days in Budapest I really had great food and I want to share my experience with you. So if you're planning a visit maybe you can find interesting those little tips. MEATOLOGY Little awesome place perfect for meat and hamburgers, if you go on Saturday night the reservation is required. BB'z BAR &... Continue Reading →

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