California on the road, what to see in one week

Our on the road through the amazing and sunny California starts from a really beautiful and suggestive place close to the majestic Mount Mammoth (3.300 meters): Mammoth Lakes

Perfect place to spend the night if you’re visiting the Parks of the South West and in winter is really popular and requested for skiing.

We spent the night at Motel 6 Mammoth Lakes

Really comfortable, perfect for a stop and go!

For dinner you cannot miss this delicious and beautiful restaurant:

The Mammoth Tavern

Really tasty and delicious food in a very suggestive location.

The morning after we reach the Mono Lake

Absolutely spectacular, this lake will let you speechless for its colors and reflections and the particular conformation of the rocks create a very particular effect.

Probably this incredible landscape would also remind you something…

Yesss because Pink Floyd use the image of this beautiful lake for the cover of one of their masterpiece “wish you were here”

Back to our car we continue this amazing on the road.

For me one of the most amazing things about this travel is to bump into lovely location like this little town called Groveland

It deserves absolutely a stop for taking pics.

Next stop: Pebble Beach

Unfortunately is a little cloudy so the beach is desert but, for me is even more suggestive and beautiful.

Driving through the legendary Pacific Highway we finally reach Big Sur

Landscapes all around are absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

We stopped in a real corner of paradise:

Point Lobos

After a little break in this little and incredible cove we reach Carmel Beach, perfect for relaxing staring at the powerful and magnificent ocean

Next stop is the Los Padres National Forest, where is located the famous and wonderful Pfeiffer Beach (the entrance is not free, there is a fee to pay 10$ for each car)

It’s time to find a place to stop for a fast lunch and we walk into a little village along the coast San Simeon

Back to our car, direction: Santa Barbara, for me a dream coming true!

When we reach Santa Barbara is late afternoon, we go straight to the beach for a little relax and then we go for a walk on its beautiful Pier.

The moment is perfect because the sun is slowly going down giving us one of the most amazing sunset ever.

Right in front this beautiful beach there is the restaurant we choose for dinner The Fishouse, awesome location and delicious food, especially the grilled salmon, absolutely top!

Before reaching our hotel we decided to explore Santa Barbara streets, it’s full of life and you really feel amazing vibes, so why don’t try one of those glamorous bars?

We stop for a drink at San Bar really cool and delicious cocktails

The morning after we wake up early to go to visit the Santa Barbara Court House

It’s a Spanish Colonial Revival style building.

The Courthouse is open daily and it’s totally free. Visit are from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

During the weekend from 10 am to 5 pm.

Don’t miss to climb the top of the clock tower where you can join an awesome 360 degree view of Santa Barbara.

Just take note that the Tower close a little bit earlier, round 4.45 pm

You can reach the top by both stairs or elevator.

Before living Santa Barbara we stop at the Moreton Bay Fig Tree, the largest ficus in the United States.

We now leave Santa Barbara to reach another famous city Santa Monica, it’s about lunch time so we take some food in a supermarket and we do kind of a picnic on the beach, right close to the legendary Santa Monica Pier.

After a quick lunch we go exploring the pier and we cannot resist to try the rollercoaster, it’s small ma really cool and the view is absolutely awesome!

On the Pier you’ll see the sign Santa Monica 66 End of the trail

This sign represents the end of the route 66, the Santa Monica Pier is the official stopping point of the legendary American Highway.

From Santa Monica we proceed to Venice Beach walking along amazing and huge beaches.

Venice Beach is my fav place in California.

I love the colors and the vibes, it’s full of colored shops, street artist like dancers, painters, musicians.

And there is the cool Skatepark where you absolutely have to stop to watch really talented skaters doing their incredible performance.

Now it’s time to go back to our motel in Hollywood to get ready for the dinner.

We found a really cool place on the Sunset Boulevard The Saddle Ranch

It’s really big but always crowded, the food is tasty and there is a mechanic bull inside the restaurant!

The morning after we go seeking for the stars on the iconic and legendary Walk of Fame.

Take note that early morning is always cloudy but don’t worry because round 9.30, always perfectly on time, sun will be shining as usually in California.

As I told here’s the sun, the time it’s perfect to go to the Griffith Observatory

The view of Los Angeles is absolutely stunning.

After a walk around the Observatory we move in direction of the iconic, famous and legendary Hollywood sign.

Be very careful with the car, it’s not possible to get close to the sign, you have to leave the car at the bottom, because it’s forbidden to park close to the houses located on the road to the sign.

Back to our car we drive through the glamour and crowded Rodeo Drive the heart of Beverly Hills.

There is a lot of traffic, so we leave Beverly Hills and we continue our trip direction Long Beach.

With its beautiful lighthouse and its colored docks, Long Beach is really surprising.

It’s time to go back to our Motel in Hollywood:

It’s just a few minutes walk from the Walk of Fame, perfect position also to reach the Subway station.

Today, after a delicious breakfast with coffee and donuts we go in Melrose Ave to find some of the famous L.A. Murales

We took a lot of pics down there, but now it’s time to explore the downtown Los Angeles, so we go back to the Walk of Fame to take the subway.

It’s Sunday so the downtown L.A. it’s pretty desert.

You can buy the subway card for 2$ at the automatic machine, and it’s rechargeable, each ride is 1,75$

Unfortunately this amazing and unforgettable trip is coming to an end.

Our last stop is the warm and sunny San Diego.

We reach one of the most famous Beach in San Diego, really loved by the surfers.

La Jolla Beach

Another point of interest that absolutely deserves a visit is the impressive Balboa Park

Now we reach the San Diego Seaport, one of my fav spots of the city.

The main attractions is for sure the majestic statue known as “Unconditional Surrender” a 25-foot installation that recreate the famous embrace between a sailor and a nurse.

Celebrating the end of War World II in New York Time Square in 1945.

Another point of interest is the Star of India.

Is the world’s oldest active iron-hull sailing ship. It was built in 1863 in the isle of Man.

Life abroad any ship is dangerous and The Star of India has had her share of accidents. Rumor has it that this legendary ship is hunted and ghosts of several unfortunate sailors still hunt the decks and cabins…

Along the Seaport there are also shops and restaurants and the landscape all around is absolutely breathtaking.

This is for sure and unforgettable trip, probably one of my favorite.

I can’t wait to go back to California.


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