What to do in Milano when Halloween is coming…

Halloween is coming, the scariest night of the year is just around the corner and I’d love to lead you through the most hunted spots in Milano.

Are you ready for a little Ghosts hunting?

Let’s start from the most iconic symbol of Milano:

The Duomo Cathedral.

Rumors has it that in this majestic cathedral lives the ghost of a young lady named Carlina.

She was on her honeymoon with his husband Renzo and they decided to visit the Duomo reaching also the roof of the Cathedral.

It was a very foggy day and, while she was kneeling at the Madonnina to ask for forgiveness for cheating her husband sleeping with another man just a few days before the wedding, she fell into the void and her body was never found.

Duomo di Milano

It’s told that Carlina appears in the pictures of the couple who are portrayed in front of the main door of the Cathedral…

So if you got married and took photos in front of the Duomo Cathedral take a look carefully at your pics, you maybe could see Carlina smiling right behind you!

Next stop of our creepy tour is the most famous and prestigious theater in the world.

Il Teatro alla Scala di Milano

This theater is hunted by a really important celebrity, rumors has it that the ghost of Maria Callas appears in the gallery to scare people who are watching the shows just to take revenge for when she was whistled for being out of tune during an Opera…

Teatro della Scala di Milano

Now we a ready to explore the Parco Sempione, right close to the Castello Sforzesco, (its hallways are hunted by a lot of ghosts too).

Castello Sforzesco

If while you are walking through the park you suddenly smell scent of violet, look carefully around because it’s possible that the mysterious “Dama Velata” is really close to you.

It’s a ghost of a really beautiful woman dressed in black, she wanders around the park entering the men and taking them to the most hidden areas of the park.

So guys be very very careful if you’re in the park especially when darkness descends…

Last spot where I want to take you is really scary and spooky.

The legendary ossuary inside the Church Bernadino alle Ossa.

San Bernardino alle Ossa

There are a lot scary stories about this church but the creepiest is the one that tells that between the various bones there is the body of a young girl that, during the all saints night, comes alive and with all the others skeletons she burst into the chapel for a macabre dance of death…

The Ossuary

So, now the spooky tour is ready, and you?

Are you brave enough to find out if all these stories are tue?

Good ghosts hunting everyone!!!


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