What to see in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a lovely small city in Poland.

You can visit all the city just by walking and you’ll be really surprised how amazing is this small town, with its colored houses and little dwarfs all over the city.

The dwarfs

A nice and original way to discover Wroclaw is to “follow the dwarfs”

Small 20-30 cm figurines spread all over the city.

The first appears in 2005 and nowadays are more then 350.

I suggest you to buy a map for โ‚ฌ 2 at the tourist center, but you won’t find them all on the map so you to have to look very carefully every corner of the streets, sometimes looking down and sometimes looking up…… you’ll never know that a little dwarf appears to you.

The University of Wroclaw

This University has a long history, at the beginning of the 19th century it had only 5 faculties, today the focus of the University is scientific research and is one of the most prominent educational institution in Poland.

The Aula Leopoldina

Totally frescoed takes its name from Leopoldo I from Asburgo, the founder of Wroclaw University.

This Aula is used for important ceremonies like the opening academic year and is also used as a concert hall.

Another amazing place that you have absolutely to visit is the Cathedral Island

Every day, when the sun is going down there is a man called Latarnik that light up all the lamppost of the island and turn them off at the dawn.

Another important point of interest in Wroclaw is the Panorama of Raclawice battle.

The Panorama is a monumental painting (15×114 meters) about the Battle of Raclawice.

Is one of the only preserved relics of 19th Century and the oldest in Poland.

The Panorama shows different scenes at various viewing angles of the winning battle.

For a perfect and stunning view of the city you should climb to the little bridge of the Santa Maria Maddalena Cathedral

The little Bridge is between the two towers of the Cathedral and it’s known as The Bridge of Witches, according to the legend the shadows that you see on the Bridge are the souls of girls who seduce men without getting married, to avoid the responsibility to take care of the house and of them.

What to eat and where to drink in Wroclaw

Pierogi is the most famous, and in my opinion, delicious dish in Poland.

They can be boiled, fried or cooked in the oven and filled with meat or cheese and potatoes.

One of the best place to eat pierogi is PIEROGARNIA STARY MLYN

Beer is everywhere in Wroclaw, but the best brewery is Spiz, right in the heart of the city, you’ll find a great selection of local beer.

Don’t miss a visit to the market hall Hala Targowa one of the main market of the city, you’ll find an amazing selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and typical products.

Right outside the market, for a perfect lunch you can stop at the Targowa craft and beers where, guess what? You can taste their delicious pierogi ๐Ÿ™‚

A cool and trendy place to spend a pleasant night drinking delicious cocktails is the

Osrodek Partnerstwa Europejskiego

Wroclaw is really surprising , is a city full of life an with a lot of really interesting spot to visit.

I’m sure you’ll have great time and a lot of fun in Wroclaw ๐Ÿ˜Š

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