What to see in London in two days

London in two days!

Walking is the best way to visit London especially if the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

We booked our hotel in Canary Wharf, and it was a real surprise to find out how amazing is this place.

A ittle far from the city center but perfectly connected by DLR and Subway

Day One

We woke up quite early to make the most of such amazing sunny day.

With the Jubilee line we reach the Westminster station and we start our amazing walking day.

First spot: the magnificent and legendary Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, unfortunately covered by scaffolding.

From the Westminster Bridge you can have also an amazing view on the London Eye and the Thames River.

Then we reach the Buckingham Palace, where every morning round 11.30 in the morning you can see the famous changing of the guard.

Walking along the amazing St. James park you reach Hyde Park corner and it’s time for a little shopping, and a stop in the legendary Harrods is almost a must.

After a quick lunch we continued our walk to the National history museum, and please take note that the museum in London are free.

Going down Queen’s gate we reach the Royal Albert Hall

And last stop before dinner the, always overcrowded Piccadilly Circus

After a short break in our hotel, we’re ready for our night out in London

We reach St. Paul, you can’t miss a visit to this majestic and magnificent Cathedral, a real masterpiece

We had dinner at Burger and Lobster, beautiful spot and delicious food.

The sun is going down and the light is amazing so we cross the Millennium Bridge that offers a stunning view of the London Skyline and of the Saint Paul Cathedral

Walking along the Thames River, passing by the London Bridge and crossing the outstanding Tower Bridge, with an impressive view on the majestic Tower Of London we finally reach the Walkie Talkie.

At the 35 floor of the Walkie Talkie there is The Sky Pod, amazing bar with a breathtaking view of the city where you can have delicious cocktails, you can dance and have a lot of fun with your friends.

Day Two

We took the tube to go to the Westminster Abby, take note that on Sunday the Abby is closed, so we took a few pictures just from the outside .

Passing by the number 10 of Downing Street, the England’s prime minister seat, we reach China Town, it’s a beautiful and colored quarter where you can find a lot of delicious Chinese restaurants.

You can’t absolutely miss a visit to the legendary Covent Garden where you can find a lot of interesting stuff that you can buy and good food everywhere.

Our last stop before reaching Stanstead airport was Trafalgar Square with Nelson Column standing still dominating the all Square!

London is always amazing and surprising and even if you have already visited it, every time is like the first time, you’ll always find something new, something that will let you speechless, and makes you think “I can’t wait to be back again soon”

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