What to see in Bordeaux

What to see in Bordeaux, where to eat and where to sleep.

Just a few little tips to spend a weekend in delightful Bordeaux.

Chosen almost by chance, Bordeaux it turned out to be a wonderful surprise.

Where to sleep:

To make your weekend absolutely unforgettable I suggest you the amazing design hotel Mama Shelter.

Inside there is a glamour and cool bar where you can taste delicious cocktails.

You can also have delicious breakfast with a really various buffet

For further details and to make a reservation click the link below:


Place de la bourse and Le mirror d’eau

Le Mirror d’eau offers you stunning and amazing reflections of the majestic Place de la Bourse, during the day (of course the effect is better on a sunny day..) and at night when all the buildings all around will turn their lights on.

For a delicious lunch you can stop at the

Plum Bakery & Coffee

You can choose between a lot of Delicious fresh dishes everyday.

Bordeaux is perfect to walk around discovering its beauty in every corner, in every street.

Bordeaux is also the city of prestigious wine, you can taste its famous wine at the

L’autre Petit Bois

Marché des Capucins

If you love oysters you can’t miss a visit to the famous Marché des Capucins

The largest market in Bordeaux where you can buy regional products but also food from all over the world, and where you can taste dell oysters served with a glass of wine.

One of the most famous food in France are surely crêpes and galettes, the best place in Bordeaux that offers you this delicious food is

Selt et Sucre

If you spend a long weekend in in Bordeaux save a day to visit the Grand Dune du Pilat in Arcanchon just one hour train from Bordeaux.

Is the highest dune in Europe.

You can visit this lovely city just by walk, this gives you the chance to live its delightful atmosphere and discover all its beauty.

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