What to see in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing an unique city.

The first thing I suggest you to do before reaching Amsterdam is surely the

I Amsterdam City Card.

Absolutely perfect to have all the comforts during your weekend in the beautiful dutch city.

You can choose between 24, 48, 72 o 96 hours.

I chose the 72 hours one, perfect for a weekend.

The card allows you to get all the transportation and includes the entrance to the main Museums like Van Gogh Museum, and you can also choose one of the amazing Canal Cruise.

For further informations or to by the I Amsterdam City Card click the link below:


Amsterdam totally stole my heart, it was love at first sight.

The first thing you see reaching Amsterdam is the stunning and majestic Centraal Station.

Eh yes, it totally takes my breath away!

I love Amsterdam for its magic vibes , the special atmosphere and for its unique colors, regardless of the weather the reflections over its canals give the city unbelievable shades and colors.

Walking its streets and along its canals it seems to be inside an impressionist paint, like a Monet paint… or well a Van Gogh one!!

And yess, okay I know this is probably the spot where every tourist from all over the world stop to take a picture (or even more than one) but, as it’s located right in the museum quarter, take a picture to the famous giant sign is almost a must!

If you are early risers I suggest you a walk to the legendary Dam Square.

The view of this amazing Square, early morning with no one around has no price.


On a sunny day you can’t miss a visit to the beautiful Vondelpark.

Oude kerk e Wester Kerk

Amsterdam, of course is also Coffee Shop and Red Light District

The day after in Red Light district…


Unforgettable and emotional, it absolutely deserves a visit.

Anne Frank House is not included in the I Amsterdam City Card.

It’s better to by the tickets online because there are always very long rows.

Click the link below to buy the tickets on the official website:


Right outside the Anne Frank House you can find the Cheese Museum a delicious shop where you can taste and buy the amazing dutch cheese..

It’s also possible to visit a little museum inside the shop, where a very prepared guide will lead you through the story and the taste of those delicious dutch cheese.


For a very special dinner, in beautiful Joordan quarter, there is a small and delicious restaurant named Moeders, small and welcoming and always crowded.

Reservation is required.



Not included in the I Amsterdam City Card, but if you love beer you can’t miss this funny and interesting experience.

You can buy the tickets directly at the entrance.

Just a few steps from HeinekenExperience, there is a beautiful and typical Bruine Café, the Berkhout where you can eat delicious hamburger and sandwiches and various salmon and avocado dishes with a great selection of beers.

I seriously let my heart in this lovely city, every corner is beautiful, unique and surprising.


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