What to see in Dublin: an Irish Tale

Dublin was in my wish list since long time, and finally I’ve reached my objective!

Dublin has no disappointed my expectations, it’s absolutely awesome, with a lot of points of interest, full of life with its legendary pubs with delicious beer and amazing bands that play live their music, and really warm and kind people.

In Dublin there are many churches but the most famous are for sure Christ Church and St. Patrick Cathedral.

Christ Church

The Homeless Jesus

A bronze sculpture placed in front of the Christ Church, realized from Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz.

It represents Jesus as a homeless person sleeping on a park bench, his face and hands are covered by a blanket but crucifixion wounds on his feet reveal his identity.

St. Patrick Cathedral

It’s the tallest and largest Church in Ireland.

And the oldest with the Christ Church.

Trinity College

If you go to Dublin you can’t miss a visit to the legendary library inside Trinity College.

Is the largest library in Ireland.

The long room is surely one of the most visited and photographed place in the world

Ha’ Penny Bridge

“Half Penny Bridge” took its name from the tool requested to cross the bridge after it was built.

It’s a pedestrian bridge which links the two shores of the Liffey.

Molly Malone Statue

Molly Malone aka Cockles and Mussels is a famous Irish song about the legendary and homonymous fishwife, the song is also the town song.

The Guinness Storehouse

Historic Irish Brewery of the legendary Irish Stout Guinness.

At the 7th floor there is The Gravity Bar where, with an amazing view of the city, you can taste a pint of this legendary and delicious beer.

Temple Bar

The famous pubs district, center of the nightlife, great food, delicious beer and Irish coffee and live music everywhere!

Kilmainham Gaol

Is an ex prison closed in 1924.

Now is a museum and you can be leaded through its creepy hallway by awesome local guides that tell you the story of this old jail.

In 1982 the legendary Irish band U2 shot their video “a Celebration” inside the prison.

Oscar Wilde Statue in Merrion Square

Dublin’s Castle

Samuel Beckett Bridge


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