What to see in southern Ireland

Ireland on the road.

Ireland is an amazing country, the colors of the nature are incredible!

It was an amazing trip through stunning landscapes and lovely little city.

Dublin, of course was the first leg, but I’ll dedicate an article just for this awesome city.

Let’s start our trip with a stop in Glendalough (valley of two lakes) an old village close to an ancient monastery there are also beautiful narrow inside the woods that lead you to two amazing lakes the lower and the upper lake.


Medieval city famous for its majestic Castle, the amazing Black Abbey and its delicious beer

The Black Abbey

Rock of Cashel aka Cashel of the King and St.Patrick Rock

A really mystical medieval building laying in Tipperary Country, surrounded by immense green fields and Celtic cross

Chair Castle


Is a seaport town on the South Coast of Country Cork. On the high point of the town there is the majestic Cathedral that is one of the tallest building in Ireland.

Fort Charles

Is a star fort located on the water’s edge, is one of the most visited site in Ireland

The ring of Kerry

A circular tourist route in County Kerry

The most popular points are Glenbeigh, Catlequin, Ballycarberry, Doory, Killarney, Valentia Island

Cliff of Moher

This is surely one of the most famous place in Ireland, the view from the cliff is absolutely stunning and breathtaking


This little village is really awesome and full of pubs, if you stop here I suggest you to spend the night in the lovely Allie river Hostel

In Doolin there is the dock where you can take the boat to reach The Aran Island, unfortunately we couldn’t reach those island because there was rough sea


This awesome trip finish in beautiful Galway, full of pubs and amazing vibes perfect for a nigh out with friends drinking delicious beer and listening to great live music


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