Amsterdam vibes

Amsterdam was love at first sight!

This city totally stole my heart with its unique colors, the lovely houses and the special atmosphere you feel walking its street and the amazing reflections on the canals.

It seem to be inside an impressionist paint, it’s pure magic.

The Centraal Station in an amazing gothic renaissance building, those are the first pics I took once reached the city and it was immediately love.

The canals have unique colors and reflections, even if it’s sunny or cloudy the view over the canals are always breathtaking

The Amsterdam “Blue Hour” is something really unique, when the sun is going down and the night is coming this magic city turns into this unique shade of blue.

Bikes in Amsterdam rules! They are everywhere and I think it’s amazing moving across the city by bike instead of using cars, without risking your life!!!

If you go to Amsterdam I suggest you to explore the city early morning, maybe on Sunday where the city is still sleeping and there’s no one around, it’s really special and emotional.

Here you can see a desert Dam Square on a Sunday morning

Also the Red Light District deserves a visit in the morning… see images below

And for a good beer don’t miss a stop to one of the amazing and typical Bruin Café in Amsterdam, that means Brown.

This one is Cafe the Basel in Rembrandt Plein


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